EMDR Supervision

Dr Button is an EMDR UK and Ireland approved Accredited Consultant. She has significant experience of clinically supervising both individuals and groups in the application of EMDR with a broad range of adult client groups.  She supervises EMDR therapists within the NHS and private practice across the country.  Supervisees have varying levels of experience. Dr Button has successfully supported a number of EMDR therapists in becoming Accredited Practitioners.


She offers individual and group, face-to-face or online supervision via telephone or video call. 


During your Basic EMDR trainings, your trainer will provide you with consultant supervision to cover cases your are working on at that time.

You may or may not choose to seek additional supervision; however if you are using EMDR then it is advisable that you seek an appropriate level of clinical supervision and work within the remit of your capabilities.  If you wish to count client cases towards becoming an Accredited Practitioner then you will require EMDR supervision from an approved consultant. 

You are not required to become an Accredited EMDR Practitioner, although it really does ensure that you have a solid foundation in using EMDR.  It also means that you can choose to be listed on the EMDR Association website as an Accredited Practitioner, which is where many people search for an approved EMDR therapist in their area.


For more information regarding EMDR supervision please visit the EMDR Association website. The link is provided in the ‘Useful links/Resources’ tab on this website. Alternatively, please feel free to make an enquiry directly with Dr Button.

Dr Button makes daily posts about using EMDR with adults on Linkedin.  You can link to her page here: Dr Alexandra Button | LinkedIn

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