Here’s what Dr Button’s therapy clients and EMDR supervisees have had to say…. 

``I just wanted to say thanks for this year. I have found your supervision incredibly helpful and really appreciate what a safe and relaxed space you have made it.``


``Alex has been nothing but entirely supportive throughout my EMDR supervision. She has made the process of accreditation as painless as possible and offered me invaluable feedback in supervision following direct observation of EMDR sessions and active client discussions along the way. I am fully appreciative of all her efforts to help me and I am now an accredited EMDR practitioner.``


”Words just aren’t enough to describe how much you have helped me out. When I first met you I was on my way out, and now months down the line I feel closer to a new me again. You gave me back the gift of life again”


“EMDR made sense in the book and in the classroom but it didn't fit with the complexity that I saw in clinic. I value supervision with Alex because she provides such clarity and detailed recommendations that I can actually apply. She provides lots of resources and materials, models them to me and gives me confidence to try new techniques. Aside from that, I feel I can trust her and be honest with my strengths and weaknesses to identify when something is holding me back. That's how I've experienced real growth in supervision with her.”

Dr Magill

``The changes to my life, now and for good, has been cemented with your care, understanding, professionalism and your skills with EMDR therapy!”


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